SteviaSugar Consumer Products


SureVia™ : 50 sachets (50g zipped pack)
W/M : RM15.90 E/M : RM17.50  
SureVia™ is a natural sweet extract made of StebianA™ Stevia plant. You can cook and bake with SureVia™ as sugar substitute. SureVia™ also usable in hot and cold beverages.
The sweetness of one sachet of SureVia™ powder is equal to two teaspoons of sugar.


New Product
SureVia™Drops : 400drops(20ml) X 24bottles per box
W/M : RM32.00 E/M : RM33.50  
SureVia™Stevia Drops is made from stebiana™ Stevia (REB-A) and Purified Water only! With just a few cents per drop, SureVia Stevia Drops is your answer to healthier life without sugar!
The sweetness of one drop of SureVia™Dropsr is equal to one teaspoon of sugar.


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SureVia™Cooking :
W/M : RM26.00 E/M : RM27.50  
SureVia™Cooking tastes great and contains zero calories. It is your perfect companion in the kitchen.
Half spoon of SureVia™Cooking is equivalent to five teaspoons of sugar!








DrSweet™ Tea : 15 Tea Bags x 2g (30g zipped pack)
W/M : RM28.00 E/M : RM29.50  
DrSweet™ Tea is our special tea blend with 6 unique herbs together with StebianA™ Stevia that helps to reduce blood sugar level and promotes natural slimming.
The 6 unique herbs + StebianA™ Stevia :
Pink Guava Fruits & Leaves
Lemon Grass
Mulberry Leaves
Lemon Myrtle
Melaka Amla Tree Fruits & Leaves





New Product
DrSweet™CafeVia Coffee: 10g X 15 SACHETS per box
W/M : RM26.00 E/M : RM27.50  

Enjoy healthier coffee !

  • Without sugar
  • Without Trans Fat Creamer ( uses milk powder instead)
  • Full of energy
  • Improves digestion
The 9 in 1 unique Stevia :
Arabica & Robusta Coffee, Barley, Chicory,
Goji Berry, Milk Powder, Manna Fiber
StebianA™ Stevia, Rye




GreenVia™ : StebianA™ Stevia Tea Cut Leaves in 50g(zipped
W/M : RM25.00 E/M : RM26.50  
GreenVia™ is pure StebianA™ Stevia tea cut leaves. These dried leaves are approximately 40 times sweeter than sugar. It can either be added to your favourite tea or you can make tea by itself. It also usable as a sweetener.